Mail & Campaign Management

Mail is an expensive but often critical medium for engaging with clients. At Enterprise Print Management we have specialists available to engage with your stakeholders in all areas of managing your communications:

  • Data control
  • Image and asset management
  • Mail production
  • Cost savings initiatives
  • Campaign Management
  • Interstate production & lodgements
  • Critical mail (billing/renewal)

Many businesses may deal with one mail house. Production is centralised with lodgement taking place in one state with multiple state addresses. Australia Post charge a significant premium for interstate postage. The Australia Post charge is often seen as an uncontrollable expense.
At EPI, we manage the data in a centralised manner and deploy to mail-houses located in each state thereby saving on the considerable surcharge on the postage cost. This saving can often be equal to the entire processing cost of the campaign.
Furthermore, a significant amount of ‘white space’ is posted by clients. By engaging with us a client will benefit in maximising the availability of greater engagement with their target audience.

We also provide integrated communications for all multi-marketing communications utilising traditional mail, email & PURLs, SMS, MMS and social media.  Whether your challenge is client acquisition, retention, up-sell or cross-sell, we can help maximise response rates and lower cost per response.