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Digital Asset Management (DAM)       
A lot of time and expense has gone into the creation of your digital assets. They are very valuable to your business. We provide an online library for all images, videos, wave files, photos, logos and finished products.

Our DAM system allows you to:

  • Consolidation of all images, photos, logos and the finished product in one centralised location
  • Effectively manage version control
  • Reduce access and reproduction costs for all users
  • 24/7 access
  • View images of existing products and download pdfs of them if required.
  • Access to Local Area Marketing tools.

Robotic Art
While EPI technology comes with significant tools such as inbuilt data, content and image management capabilities, we respect your business practices and processes. We just makes it easier to spawn your brand and content. We can backwards and forwards integrate with almost any content, data and digital asset management system (CMS, DAM or MAM).

We’ve already designed powerful bridges to connect systems and have them working together.

One of these tools we call “Robotic Art”.

Robotic Art is a hybrid DAM and CMS. An intelligence suite that sits between your content and the destination for your brand & message, automatically applying your brand guidelines in real-time, no matter what output you want  »»print  »»online  »»social  »»mobile. 

If you want to consistently apply your style guide; do it faster across every channel concurrently; reduce the workload on your team and do it more cost effectively, Robotic Art is the answer.